Presenter: Matt Close, EVP Sales, The TAS Group

Audience: Progressive sales managers or sales executives who want to learn how to increase win rate.

Think about the most important opportunity you are working on. Now ask yourself this question.

If I was you and got a call telling me I lost the deal, what would be the most likely reason?

Pause … and think … Really we mean it. Pause … and think …

We would like to stop you from getting that call.

All deals are not created the same. Some are worth resourcing and others, well, are probably best qualified-out. But how can you know which are which? How do you increase your win rate?

Join Matt Close as he lays out 4 key principles to start winning more of the deals you're working. You'll walk away with clear direction on how to start winning more deals by using smart software and proven methodology to focus on the right deals and the factors that matter to win.